Challenger to John Cornyn Brings NDAA Controversy into Texas Race

Challenger to John Cornyn Brings NDAA Controversy into Texas Race

Dwayne Stovall, a Tea Party candidate challenging Senator John Cornyn for his seat in the United States Senate, has brought the controversial aspects of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) into the primary race.

Stovall is not alone in challenging Senator Cornyn in the primary; U.S. Rep. Steve Stockman is also in the primary, but his chances have been severely damaged by the candidate’s decision to remain quiet in light of numerous ethics and financial questions. 

Breitbart News has provided our readers with the first look into the Stovall campaign press release, sent to us on January 25, 2014.

The headline invoked Stovall’s shared stance with U.S. Senator Ted Cruz against the fast-tracking of the NDAA vote. It asserted, “Dwayne Stovall Opposes John Cornyn and Stands with Ted Cruz Against Fast-Tracked NDAA Vote.”

Tea Party-endorsed candidate for U.S. Senate, Dwayne Stovall, vigorously opposes the NDAA legislation recently fast-tracked through the Senate and passed with Sen. John Cornyn’s approval. The 493-page legislation embodies much of what is wrong with the federal government and highlights the reason that John Cornyn frequently gets it wrong for Texas.

In a statement, Stovall said:

Why is it in the best interest of Texas to hand more power to an administration already hostile to conservatives? When the IRS is used to target Texas conservatives, as Sen. Cornyn well knows because he sits on the IRS oversight committee, there is no reason to hand this administration more ability to target patriotic, law-abiding Texans. Prior to his vote to pass the NDAA, Sen. Cornyn voted that he didn’t want debate to end, but that effort failed. Rather than continue to oppose a bill that he felt needed more debate as Sen. Cruz did, Sen. Cornyn voted for this very bill, which greatly expanded government powers…

Sen. Cruz remained consistent, voting against ending debate and against the NDAA. Sen. Cornyn talked one way and then voted another. Nearly every time he’s given the opportunity to do so, he votes for bigger and bigger bureaucracy and cedes more power to an out-of-control federal government. I know Texans agree with me that this is wrong for Texas because I’ve listened to them.

Dwayne Stovall is a small businessman from Liberty County in the heart of Texas. He has been married to his high school sweetheart for 22 years and has three children. More information on the candidate and his campaign can be obtained at

Senator John Cornyn was elected to the U.S. Senate in 2002. He retains a good record as a strong conservative voter in the Senate. He has been married over 30 years and has two daughters. More information on the candidate and his campaign can be obtained at