Wyoming Most Conservative State While DC Ranks Most Liberal

Wyoming Most Conservative State While DC Ranks Most Liberal

The Cowboy State, a.k.a. Big Wyoming, is the most conservative state in the Union, with over half its population (51.4%) identifying as conservative according to the latest Gallup poll. 

The poll shows that Mississippi (47.9%), Idaho (47.5%), Utah (46.9%), and Montana (45.2%) follow closely behind in the conservative category.

Washington, D.C., earned the distinction as the most liberal part of the country, where 38.1% of residents call themselves liberal. Vermont (32.4%), Massachusetts (30.2%), Delaware (29.3%), and New York (28.2%) round out the top five most liberal states in which to reside.

A geographical analysis proves that the country still remains divided, with larger percentages of conservatives uniting in the South and West, while the two coasts contain more liberal voters. Not surprising, the liberal states all voted for Obama in 2008 and 2012, and the most conservative pulled the ballot levers for McCain and Romney during those presidential cycles.

Overall, more people were likely to self-identify as conservatives than as liberals last year, according to the poll. However, it seems that overall, states are becoming more moderate, and that the gap between those identifying as liberal and as conservative has now shrunk to just 14.6%.


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