NAACP Shows Hypocrisy with Silence on Leader Who Called Sen. Tim Scott a Puppet

NAACP Shows Hypocrisy with Silence on Leader Who Called Sen. Tim Scott a Puppet

I firmly condemn the reprehensible attack by Reverend William Barber, the director of the North Carolina NAACP, and the national leadership of the NAACP for its failure to address Reverend Barber’s his recent statements. They have served only to bring further discredit to the organization.

Reverend Barber’s attack on minorities who consider themselves “conservative” shows that the organization is only interested in the advancement and ideas of certain progressive minorities and seeks to silence those who disagree with them. The silence of the national leadership of the NAACP can be considered quiet approval of Reverend Barber’s tactics that he has employed, not only against Senator Tim Scott (R-SC) but against a whole segment of Americans who believe in the conservative ideology.

I find it completely laughable that anyone in the NAACP would attack a conservative of color as a mouthpiece when the NAACP’s national platform reads like the Democrat National Committee’s platform. With that said, who are the real mouthpieces here?

How can Reverend Barber attack conservatives of color for not supporting the Affordable Care Act when millions of Americans have lost their former coverage or saw their healthcare cost double or even triple, despite President Obama’s assurance? The NAACP’s hypocrisy knows no bounds.

How can the organization support same-sex marriage benefits when 70% of families within our community are headed by black women? What about promoting marriage in our community?    

How is it possible the organization can oppose the death penalty for offenders sentenced to death by a jury but then, in the next breath, say it supports abortion? What crimes have unborn minorities committed, and why is the womb now a more dangerous place for children than any streets in any town in America?

How is it possible that the NAACP could support both party establishments on immigration reform with so many blacks out of the labor force and black youth unemployment numbers near depression-era levels?

These are the questions my fellow conservatives of color and I ask daily. Reverend Barber needs to look in the mirror before he calls out others. The fact is that personal experiences and the overall condition of my community shaped my conservative thoughts and ideas. It has become all too apparent to me that people such as Reverend Barber are opposed to the free will and thought that I want for my community. 

I’m sure that if the modern NAACP had its way, the black community would be nothing more than mouthpieces for liberal causes. I am fully aware that I will come under attack from people such as Reverend Barber because I am willing to stand up to their failed ideas and their hypocrisy. Their attacks also show me that I am winning the unspoken debate of ideas with each passing day.

Unlike Reverend Barber, to this day I remain independent of political establishments and serve as a mouthpiece for no one.


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