Biden Admits Defeat on 7 Million Obamacare Enrollment Goal

Biden Admits Defeat on 7 Million Obamacare Enrollment Goal

Vice President Joe Biden said on Wednesday that the Obama administration will fail to meet its goal of seven million Obamacare-paying customers by the March 31 deadline. 

“Initially, we talked about by the end of this period having seven million people lined up. We may not get to seven, but we’re gonna get to five or six, but that’s a hell of a start,” said Biden in Minneapolis.

Currently, the White House claims 3.3 million individuals have enrolled in Obamacare. However, as The New York Times reported, 20% of those people have not paid their first month’s premium, thereby making them ineligible to receive coverage. That means just 2.6 million people are paying customers of Obamacare, a figure that represents just 37% of the Obama administration’s seven million goal. 

What’s more, it is presently unclear what portion of those 2.6 million already had health insurance but were forced to purchase coverage from Obamacare after the President’s healthcare overhaul killed their plans. 

Over the next ten years, Obamacare will cost U.S. taxpayers $2.6 trillion.


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