Politico Calls Walker Email Controversy a 'Snoozer'

Politico Calls Walker Email Controversy a 'Snoozer'

Politico, the online purveyor of national political news, called the Scott Walker email scandal a “snoozer.” Following the antics of other online email free-for-alls, such as Democrat Congressman Anthony Weiner’s genital-selfie and Republican South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford’s Argentinean mistress ordeal, the release of emails that were sent by Walker’s aides four years ago, “more likely elicit yawns than outrage.”

According to Politico, the 27,000 documents released on Wednesday contain some controversy in which there existed substantial overlap between political and official emails among Walker aides. The email communications between aides occurred four years ago while Walker was a Milwaukee County executive. Politico submitted that the only “made for cable salaciousness” revolves around Walker’s decision to fire one aide because she was a former thong model. Walker deemed that, if her past occupation were to be revealed via surfacing photos of her on the internet by other aides, it could become a distraction.  

The investigation of the Walker documents ended last year in the conviction of six aides for campaign finance violations, but Walker was not a target in the probe. Melanie Sloan, executive director of Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington, posits that if a ruckus like this is going to get traction it has to be a “titillating one that can run on 24-hour cable news over and over and over. But a complicated campaign finance story never resonates with voters in the same way.”

Critics of the Wisconsin Governor are trying to draw parallels between the Walker email brouhaha and the Governor of New Jersey, Chris Christie’s, “Bridgegate scandal.” Some similarities can be seen, according to Politico, “both men are potential 2016 presidential contenders. Both are facing problems over digitally documented actions taken by their associates, and thus both face questions about their judgment in hiring.”

Yet Politico claims that Walker did not leave thousands stranded in traffic or try to wreak havoc on a political opponent. Specifically, the problems involve emails which he did not write and that involve staffers mixing official business with campaign work.

Although the Walker documents did uncover inappropriate and obnoxious comments made by Walker aides–which included  insulting jokes about ethnic groups, religious groups, welfare recipients, and mental health patients–because they took place several years ago, it is unlikely there will be lingering repercussions for the Governor.