Only One in Three Voters Approve of Dem Sen. Kay Hagan

Only One in Three Voters Approve of Dem Sen. Kay Hagan

North Carolina Freshman Senator Kay Hagan is one of the most vulnerable Senators running for reelection this year. Her challenge to winning reelection is evidenced by a new poll from Elon University showing that just one-third of Tarheel voters approve of her job performance. Almost half of voters, 49% disapprove of her job performance. She suffered a net 9 point loss since the last poll in November, the only state politician to lose ground with voters. 

Sen. Hagan even suffered a dramatic drop in approval among Democrats. In November, 63% of Democrats approved of Hagan. Today, just 55% of members of her party support her. She also lost support among women voters, a crucial voting block for Democrats. In November, 40% of women approved of her job performance, but, today, just 33% of women do. 

North Carolina has a long tradition of defeating incumbents seeking a second term. Hagan looks likely to extend that tradition for another cycle. Weighing considerably on her is the unpopularity of ObamaCare in the state. By a 22-point margin, voters in North Carolina say the health care law will make the health care system worse. Just 30% believe the law will improve health care, while 52% say it will make health care worse. 

Hagan was first elected in 2008, with considerable help from the Obama campaign, which carried the state. Over 51% of voters, though, now disapprove of Obama’s tenure as President. As the deciding vote for Obama’s signature, and unpopular, health care law, Hagan’s political career looks to be ending by the same forces that created it. She won due to Obama and looks set to lose due to Obama.