9-Year-Old Schools New Jersey Legislators on Proposed Magazine Ban

9-Year-Old Schools New Jersey Legislators on Proposed Magazine Ban

On March 13th nine-year-old Shyanne Roberts schooled the New Jersey Assembly Law and Public Safety Committee regarding a draconian ten-round magazine capacity limit being pushed by NJ Senate President Stephen Sweeney (D-Gloucester).

Roberts is a fourth grader and a competitive shooter “whose feet barely reached the floor as she sat in front of the committee.”

According to NorthJersey.com, Roberts told the committee, “I am an example to others that kids and guns don’t always lead to bad things happening. I am not a gang-banger or domestic terrorist.” Yet she stressed that Sweeney’s push for limiting magazine capacity would effect her anyway by punishing everyone for the crimes of a few.

She illustrated her disagreement with this by highlighting experiences at school in which students who follow the rules are punished along with those who do not.

According to NJ.com she recalled an instance when her entire class “lost recess time every day for two weeks” because of the bad behavior of a few people in class. She added, “That is simply nor fair or just… punishing the people who didn’t do anything wrong is not how you stop bad people.”

Moreover, Roberts told them that a law limiting magazine capacity to ten rounds would force her to either give “up on a bright future in a sport [she loves]” or “move to another state” so she can have the magazines requisite to the guns she shoots.

On March 18th Breitbart News spoke with Shyanne’s father, Dan Roberts, about the testimony his daughter gave and the way she spoke with wisdom beyond her years. Her father said, “Those were her words, her knowledge. She put together what she wanted to say; I simply helped her with grammatical things.”

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