Planned Parenthood Student Group Hosts 'Sextival' at Central Michigan University

Planned Parenthood Student Group Hosts 'Sextival' at Central Michigan University

Voices for Planned Parenthood, also known as VOX, hosted its annual “Sextival” at Central Michigan University on Thursday. The event was advertised as one that would focus on the practice of proper sexual health.

As reported by Megan Pacer at Central Michigan Life, coordinator of the event Ashlea Phenicie, a junior at the university, said she joined VOX, which is a registered student organization (RSO), with no real interest in sexual health education. She gradually became more invested in the issue, however.

“I started to see how these issues really impacted the people I was around,” Phenicie said. “I saw a lot of people uninformed about their sexual health.”

Anticipating the event, Phenicie said Sextival aims to eliminate confusion and to correct misconceptions about sexual health.

“We’re bringing back popular games like ‘Condom Races,’ but we’ve also added more games like ‘Name that Kink,” she said. “We have some new RSO’s that will be there, and of course the biggest edition [sic] will be the keynote speaker.”

Dr. Lindsay Doe was scheduled as the “Educational Speaker” who was to discuss the “importance of communication of sexual preferences between partners.”

Katelyn Sweet, who wrote about last year’s Sextival at Central Michigan Life, reported that Phenicie turned herself into a “Condom Fairy” to publicize the event by “dressing up and visiting residence halls around Central Michigan University’s campus in a tutu, wings and headpiece, all decorated in condoms.”

VOX member Dana Frank said last year the idea of having the Condom Fairy came from her last Halloween costume.

“I went to parties and handed out condoms to my friends,” Frank stated. “It was really fun, and I figured VOX could use the costume as a new way to get publicity.”

VOX president for 2013, Rachel McDaniel, said she was shocked that most people don’t have correct information about condoms.

“I think people would be surprised to know that stores are allowed to sell expired condoms,” McDaniel said. “There’s so little that people really know about condoms, and we want to make it fun; who doesn’t like something that’s fun?”

Phenicie said VOX set up a Twitter account for the Condom Fairy so that she can receive tweets and deliver condoms to students.

Regarding this year’s Sextival, Pacer reported on Tuesday that “those who attend can enjoy other games such as ‘Penis Ring Toss’ and can make crafts such as protective condom cases and art work during ‘Paint Your Own Orgasm.'”