Bush 41 Honored by JFK Library for Raising Taxes

Bush 41 Honored by JFK Library for Raising Taxes

Former President George H.W. Bush was honored on Sunday with a “Profiles in Courage Award” by the John F. Kennedy Library Foundation for breaking his promise to the American people and raising taxes. 

According to Reuters, Jack Schlossberg, who is the grandson of former president John F. Kennedy and a member of the award committee, said that Bush “showed courage” in breaking his “read my lips: no new taxes” pledge. 

“America’s gain was President Bush’s loss,” Schlossberg said. 

Bush’s granddaughter Lauren Bush Lauren, who is the niece of former president George W. Bush, accepted the award on Bush 41’s behalf and said her grandfather “did not want to raise taxes in 1990s” but “he felt he owed the American people action and results” despite being elected by promising Americans he would not raise taxes. 

John Sununu, Bush’s moderate chief of staff, also hailed his former boss for breaking his campaign promise.

“George Bush did the right thing for the country, and it’s nice to see people are beginning to appreciate it,” Sununu said, according to the Boston Globe.


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