Bear Living at Tahoe Ski Resort Will Move to Zoo

Bear Living at Tahoe Ski Resort Will Move to Zoo

A black bear named “Heavenly” has become too accustomed to humans tosurvive in the wild. The bear will now have to be placed in a zoo oranimal sanctuary.

The one-year-old bear first found its way to the Heavenly MountainSki Resort in March. It was injured at the time, with cuts on itsshoulder and paws. It wandered into the ski resort and decided to restnear a chair lift. The area was closed off for several hours until thebear could be tranquilized and transported down the mountain.

Vets at the Lake Tahoe Wildlife Care Centerhelped the bear recover and then brought him back to the wild, to anarea 25 miles from Tahoe. They hoped the bear would resume hunting andsurvive in the wild. But a few days later the bear returned to the skiresort.

Chris Healy, a Nevada Department of Wildlife spokesman, said of the bear’s return, “It’s a disaster for this magnificent animal.” Authorities say the bear only has two options, being put down or being sent to a zoo or similar situation.

The following report by KCRA covers the first time the bear was captured at the resort.