Trump Says He Has No Regrets About Questioning Obama's Citizenship

Trump Says He Has No Regrets About Questioning Obama's Citizenship

Real estate mogul Donald Trump says he has no regrets about demanding President Obama’s records.

‘Not even a little bit,” Trump said Tuesday at the National Press Club when asked if he regretted questioning Obama’s citizenship. “I don’t regret it. Why would I regret it?”

Tuesday, Trump alluded to a promotional booklet revealed by Breitbart in May 2012 and produced in 1991 by Acton & Dystel that asserted Obama was born in Kenya. Miriam Goderich, who was an agency assistant at the time told Yahoo News that month that the claim amounted to a fact-checking error on her part.

In October 2012, in the name of being “transparent,” Trump offered President Obama $5 million for the charity of his choice to reveal his college and passport records before the 2012 election. Obama never meet Trump’s request.

“I offered him a tremendous amount of money just to show his — I didn’t want to see his marks, I just wanted to see place of birth. So look there are three things that could happen and one of them did happen: He was perhaps born in Kenya, very simple OK. He was perhaps born in this country but said he was born in Kenya, because if you say you were born in Kenya you got aid, you got into colleges and people were doing that. So perhaps he was born in this country and that has a very big chance. Or you know, who knows?” Trump told the gathering at the National Press Club.

According to Trump, millions of people wanted to see the records and many told him not to give up pushing Obama for the information, including his birth certificate.

Facing public pressure, including from Trump, Obama released his long-form birth certificate in April 2011, largely ending attention on the issue.

“Now I hope it is 100 percent fine. A lot of people are questioning the birth certificate they’re questioning its authenticity. But I do say this. I offered $5 million just to see some basic records  not the marks, not the this, not the nothing. Just some basic things on applications to colleges,” he said of the $5 million request for Obama’s college records and passport application. “I’d love to see what’s put down. Why didn’t a man take $5 million for his favorite charity? Now then what wasn’t reported by the press is sometime, just prior to the expiration date of that offer, I raised the offer to $50 million. $50 million, for charity! Pick your charity, $50 million, let me see your records. And I never heard from him.”

“I would take it. I mean I would take it,” he said explaining he would give it to a number of causes.

Trump surmised that Obama in fact was born in America but said he was born in Kenya to get into college and get aide.

Of his own political flirtations, Trump asserted it was others who wanted him to run for governor of New York and president of the United States. He added that as a lover of America, he will “do something” come 2016 if the right person does not run for president.

“If I don’t see the right person I will do something in ’16. I will do it as sure as you’re sitting here,” he said.


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