Trump Predicts Victory in Lawsuit Against Trump University

Trump Predicts Victory in Lawsuit Against Trump University

NEWORLEANS,Lousiana–New York’s attorney general is “desperate tosettle” his $40 million lawsuit against the now-shuttered TrumpUniversity, real estate mogul Donald Trump told Brietbart Newsat apress conference at the Republican Leadership Conference Friday.

“Wehavea guy in New York, Eric Schneiderman. He’s a lightweight. He’san attorney general–real dope and he’s driving business out ofNew York left and right. And he’s only doing it because he wantspublicity for himself–not a highly respected guy–could lose anelection, but in my case it was very small. We have a school. Wehavea 98 percent approval rating. We have this tremendous approvalratingand he sued us and it’s an amazing thing,” Trump said.

Followinganinvestigation over two years ago, Schneiderman filed a $40millionlawsuit against the New York City- based businessman last summer.AsTrump University closed down almost three years ago,Schneidermanaccused Trump University of being a “bait and switch” scamguaranteeing students wealth if they took classes.


And we didn’t take federal funding and we didn’t takeany of that like a lot of schools did. But he sued us, as youprobably know, we had some very good court victories and we willwinit. He wants to settle. He wants to settle desperately. I’m notinteresting in settling. They do want to settle. You’ve heardthat, I’m sure, from many people, but I’m not interested. I’m not asettler–not when I’m right. I only settle when I’m wrong.

Inlate January, New York State Supreme Court Justice Cynthia Kerndismissed parts of the lawsuit, TheNewYork Daily News reported. Although Kern limited thestatuteof limitations on other parts of the case to just three years,shealso ruled the basic common law fraud allegation against Trumpcouldmove forward.