David Bossie: Cochran Content to Manage Decline; McDaniel 'a Change Agent'

David Bossie: Cochran Content to Manage Decline; McDaniel 'a Change Agent'

Citizens United President David Bossie said six-term incumbent Sen. Thad Cochran (R-MS) represents an ossifying establishment that just wants to manage America’s decline while challenger and conservative state Senator Chris McDaniel is a “change agent” that seeks to reverse it.

Cochran and McDaniel, who has been endorsed by former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, are battling ahead of Tuesday’s heated primary that squarely pits the Washington establishment against the conservative grassroots.

In an appearance on Breitbart News Sunday with host and Breitbart News Executive Chairman Stephen K. Bannon, Bossie said that Cochran, who has voted for every debt-ceiling increase, is part of the Washington club that is content with leaving the country $17 trillion in debt. 

Bossie said establishment groups like the U.S. Chamber of Commerce want to “defeat conservatives and the Tea Party and punch us right in the mouth” because many of these groups want open borders and “cheap labor” above all else. They “don’t put America first,” Bossie added.

He said that when former Mississippi Governor and lobbyist Haley Barbour, a big Cochran supporter, called for Republican “unity” at the Republican Leadership Conference last week, Bossie approached his old friend and reminded him that unity goes both ways. 

“On Tuesday night we’re going to have a conversation about unity if McDaniel wins,” Bossie said. “And we’re going to be holding them to it.”

Bossie’s group, Citizens United, made an ad buy this week in the primary. It featured former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum, who won the Mississippi presidential primary in 2012, vouching for McDaniel, who has also been endorsed by Mark Levin, the Senate Conservatives Fund, the Club for Growth, and many other conservative groups.