Perry Invites Obama to Visit Border

Perry Invites Obama to Visit Border

Texas Republican Governor Rick Perry sent a letter to Barack Obama Friday inviting the president to visit the U.S. Mexico border in order  “to see firsthand” the flood of illegals and the humanitarian crisis that came with them. Perry also formally requested 1,000 National  Guard troops and surveillence drones to patrol the border.

Additionally, the fear of spreading disease  prompted Perry to ask that the Center for Disease Control get directly involved in watching the various centers housing the flood of illegals.

The Hill:

“There is no doubt that I have disagreed with you and your administration on many policies over the years,” Perry wrote. “This crisis, however, transcends any political differences we may have.

“The safety and security of our border communities is being threatened by this flood of illegal immigration, and the crisis worsens by the day,” he added.

Perry also called on Obama to “modify or rescind policies that serve as a magnet to encourage illegal immigration,” in particular the so-called catch-and-release program.

The border crisis is just one of many self-made disasters currently distracting the president. On top of a flood of illegals causing all kinds of problems, Obama is having to deal with the fallout over his mishandling of Iraq, Russia, Syria; lackluster domestic job growth, the increasing unpopularity of ObamaCare, and an American economy just one fiscal quarter away from recession.

According to a new NBC poll, only 42% of Americans believe is still up to the job of being president.


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