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Ted Cruz Calls On Obama To Help Free Meriam Ibrahim

Ted Cruz Calls On Obama To Help Free Meriam Ibrahim

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) is calling for President Obama to intervene to free Meriam Yahya Ibrahim, the Sudanese Christian woman whom an Appeal Court freed yesterday, who was just re-arrested at the airport trying to leave Khartoum.

“There is an urgency, a dire need for U.S. leadership,” Cruz told a small gaggle of reporters in the Capitol.

“President Obama should speak out publicly and call upon the government of Sudan to free Meriam Ibrahim. Sec. of State John Kerry should speak out loudly and forcibly and call up on,” he added.

Cruz said Ibrahim had been at the U.S. Embassy in Sudan before traveling to the airport to board a flight back to the U.S. and questioned why U.S. officials hadn’t simply transported her in a military aircraft to avoid any danger.

“I think it is a fair question to ask why the administration put her in a position wherre the Sudanese government could forcibly take her into custody again. Their stated intentions to torture and murder her had been made clear,” Cruz said.

Cruz also slammed the Sudanese government for arresting Ibraihim in the first place.

“She was told only way to avoid the imposition of this horrific sentence was for her to renounce Jesus. And she told the Sudanese government she would not renounce Jesus,” Cruz said. “The idea that this government would torture and execute a woman simply for believing in her Christian faith is barbaric, [and] it is wrong.”


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