Missouri Training, Arming Teachers 'Like Air Marshals on Planes'

Missouri Training, Arming Teachers 'Like Air Marshals on Planes'

Under laws passed by the Missouri legislature during the last session, numerous school districts in the state are enrolling teachers to be trained in the defensive use of a Glock 19 semi-automatic pistol in the classroom. 

According to Fox News, districts are availing themselves of Shield Solutions training near the Ozarks town of West Plains. These districts pay $17,500 to get “40 hours of training on how to use a Glock 19 semi-automatic pistol for two staffers.” 

The goal is to have two armed teachers per participating school. However, the identities of those armed teachers will be known only by “school district administrators and local law enforcement.” Protecting the identities of those who will be armed models how the air marshal program has operated since 9/11.

Shield Solutions’ founder Greg Martin–a former Missouri Highway Patrol Trooper–highlighted how keeping the armed teachers anonymous will prevent would-be attackers from being certain about where or when to strike. Stating that armed teachers would be “like air marshals on planes,” he asked, “How many hijackings have we had since 9/11?”

Martin told The Kansas City Star that the few minutes that pass between a 911 call and the arrival of police during a school attack “is just too long.” He said having two armed school personnel on campus at all times can step into that gap. 

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