Sen. Roy Blunt Warns Against Federal Takeover of Michael Brown Investigation

Sen. Roy Blunt Warns Against Federal Takeover of Michael Brown Investigation

Missouri Republican Sen. Roy Blunt cautioned against the federal government taking over the investigation into the death of Michael Brown.

“I’ve thought from the start that a parallel federal investigation into the death of Michael Brown is important,” Blunt said in a statement Monday. “I also believe that our state and local elected officials have been given a responsibility by the people who they work for to get to the bottom of this tragedy.” 

The Justice Department is conducting its own investigation into the circumstances of Brown’s death.

“While the federal government can assist with that investigation, the federal government should not assume the state and local governments’ responsibilities,” Blunt added.

During a press conference Monday, President Obama announced that Holder would be visiting Ferguson, the site of ongoing protests and violence following the death of Brown, and noted that he had spoken with Blunt and Missouri Democratic Sen. Claire McCaskill about the situation. Blunt said:

I explained to the president that I’ve been pleased with my conversations with the Attorney General and civil rights division regarding their helpful understanding that they aren’t taking over this investigation, but are conducting a parallel review of the events that led to Michael Brown’s death. I continue to believe that this is the best possible way to arrive at a transparent explanation that would be largely acceptable to all of those who have been impacted in the community by this tragedy.

Blunt and McCaskill are scheduled to meet with Attorney General Eric Holder in Ferguson on Wednesday.

Monday, both Obama and Holder urged an end to the violence that has plagued Ferguson in the wake of Brown’s death and movement toward “healing.” Monday night, however, the violence continued. 


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