Daily Beast: Bill Gates' Money May Buy 'Assault Weapons', 'High Cap' Mag Bans

Daily Beast: Bill Gates' Money May Buy 'Assault Weapons', 'High Cap' Mag Bans

The Daily Beast is so ecstatic over the $1 million Bill and Melinda Gates have contributed to Washington state gun control Initiative 594 that they are already wondering if Gates’ money can be used to secure gun control measures that Washington, D.C. refused to pass in 2013 like “assault weapons” bans (AWB) and “high capacity” magazine bans.

Gone are the days when money in politics is a bad thing–that only applied to the Koch brothers and the NRA–in this case money in politics is being celebrated because the man with the money supports gun control.

And equally important, the man with the money is a hindrance to the NRA, or so says the Daily Beast.

According to the Daily Beast, gun rights opponents have on their side a man who is worth more than two Michael Bloombergs financially, and his presence in the gun control fight “legitimizes” it. 

On the other hand, the NRA has Chuck Norris, whom the Daily Beast described as “an actor in the sense that he showed up in films, who was last seen round-housing Vietnamese extras in B-movies in the 80s, back when he was only pushing 50.” 

The Daily Beast admits “big money wouldn’t play such an outsize role… in an ideal world.” But they also point out this isn’t an ideal world, which they claim is largely the NRA’s fault because the gun rights organization has made the gun control debate a matter of who has the most money behind them. 

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