Exclusive: Sarah Palin Goes Rogue on Pennsylvania Avenue

Exclusive: Sarah Palin Goes Rogue on Pennsylvania Avenue

Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, like nearly every American, knows the White House is located at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. But during her Friday Values Voter Summit speech, she said that truth is an “endangered species at 1400 Pennsylvania Avenue.” 

Yep, she accidentally said “1400” instead of “1600.”

After the speech, Palin had some fun with her “gaffe,” taking a photo on 1400 Pennslyvania Ave. in Washington, D.C., which Breitbart News obtained.

The left-wing media went apoplectic, of course, wondering how she could have been so close to becoming vice president. This is the same media that ignore and make excuses for many of President Barack Obama’s numerous gaffes, like when Obama said there were “57 states” and mispronounced “corpsman”–twice. And Joe Biden, the current vice president, makes a gaffe or offends someone nearly every time he opens his mouth. And Palin may have been looking for him (“I’m not alone. The White House gives Joe Biden the wrong address before every meeting.”) on Pennsylvania Ave. 

Conservative scholar and talk radio host Mark Levin said of the mainstream media’s breathless coverage of Palin’s “1400 Pennsylvania Avenue” remark, “who gives a damn!”

“This is why we despise the media,” he emphatically declared on his Friday radio show. “This is why we don’t trust the media.”

Levin said that Hillary Clinton has had one disaster after another that even “cost people’s lives,” but the Praetorian Guard media “will try to drag her across the finish line.” Levin blasted the media for ignoring “moron” Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) and DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz, who he said has had “one embarrassment after another.” Levin said attacking female Democrats prompts the media to play the “war on women” card even though the media and Democrats wage a “war against Republican and conservative women” that is “unending.” 

“It’s absolutely vile,” Levin said. 

But Palin, who has more of a sense of humor than the mainstream media ever will, has been having some fun with her gaffe. Before taking the photo, she jokingly Tweeted that she now knows why her Christmas cards keep getting returned.


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