Does Dan Sullivan Want Sarah Palin's Endorsement?

Does Dan Sullivan Want Sarah Palin's Endorsement?

Alaska Senate Candidate Dan Sullivan has moved quickly to coalesce the Republican party around his candidacy, giving him a lead in recent polls in his fight against Alaska Democrat Sen. Mark Begich.

But does he want former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin’s endorsement?

When asked by the New Republic’s John Cloud, who traveled to Alaska for an interview with the candidate, Sullivan paused for a “few awkward beats” before saying, “I want the endorsement of everybody. Anybody who believes in less government, more freedom, and pushing back on the Obama administration’s overreach into our lives.”

Palin endorsed Sullivan’s primary opponent Joe Miller in the Republican primary, praising him for the “guts, wisdom, experience, and optimism to fight.”

Sullivan defeated Miller by eight points in a three-way primary with 40 percent of the vote. Lt. Gov. Mead Treadwell came in third.

Although Miller refused to rule out a third party run for most of the primary, he eventually promised to back the Republican winner.


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