The 'OR-man': Kansas Republicans Work To Define Independent Challenger

The 'OR-man': Kansas Republicans Work To Define Independent Challenger

WICHITA, Kansas– Kansas Independent candidate Greg Orman remains notoriously lose on important issues and Kansas Republicans are wasting no time to define their opponent.

Wichita local radio host Joseph Ashby kicked off a political rally here with a play on Orman’s last name.

The line was quickly picked up by Roberts, who introduced Sen. Tom Coburn (R-OK)

Coburn pointed out that Orman’s record was “anything but true” and “a lie” that was taking advantage of the lack of leadership in Washington D.C.

The play on words delighted the crowd, as each of the speakers at the rally took turns painting Orman as a liberal Democrat who was hiding the truth about his positions.

Republicans are confident that once Kansas voters see who Orman really is, they will ignore his moment in the spotlight.

Speaking with reporters after the rally, Cruz assured them that Orman would be a “rubber stamp” for Harry Reid and President Obama if elected.


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