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The Nuclear Option: To Fight Ebola, First Wipe Out Malaria with DDT

The Nuclear Option: To Fight Ebola, First Wipe Out Malaria with DDT

It is good to see President Obama and his political machine finally wake up, sound the alarm and spring into action against the ongoing global humanitarian crisis that is Ebola.

Only now that it has reached America’s shores, threatens to wreak havoc on the world’s economy and, most importantly to the president and his political allies, appears poised to deliver a staggering blow to the Democratic Party and their borderless agenda of recklessness and ineptitude in November’s elections.

If it were not so tragic, it might be comical to hear his minions squirm, vacillate, hem and haw about what Americans should do. One minute, everybody is to remain calm. Then next, we are all supposed to “think Ebola” and monitor our fevers and cease personal contact.

One thing is absolutely certain: These people have been exactly, completely, 100 percent wrong every step of the way.

Remember White House assurances that the virus will never reach our shores? And when it did, the assurances that it would be completely contained?

Sending these people mosquito nets is like sending squirt guns to children living in the lava path of an angry volcano. Would the president or anybody else in America take such a chance with their own children? Of course not.

There is only one answer to malaria: DDT.

If the world–starting with this president–cares about the children of Africa, they will take up the fight to reintroduce vast spraying campaigns of DDT all over Africa until the malaria-carrying breeds of mosquitoes are entirely wiped out.

To the antihuman activists out there who call themselves “environmentalists,” this notion of saving millions of African children’s lives at the likely cost of several bird species and some crustaceans and invertebrates sounds like an Alfred Hitchcock movie.

But brutally-effective insecticides such as DDT is what worked to eliminate the scourge of malaria in America, and the children of Africa deserve nothing less. If you disagree, you need to look deep into the recesses of your soul and ask why not.

Now this debate has raged for years and it has been, predictably, rather hot-tempered.

In the past, some have compared the anti-humanists who oppose using DDT to save millions of African children to Adolf Hitler. This is reckless and unfair. Hitler killed 6 million Jews; it has been estimated that banning DDT has killed some 20 million children already and it very well could be many millions more before this Ebola crisis is over.

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