Congressman Joins Ebola Travel Ban Petition Movement

Congressman Joins Ebola Travel Ban Petition Movement
This week, Congressman Paul Broun (R-GA), a medical doctor, helped launch our Conservative Action Fund Ebola travel ban petition to stop flights from Ebola-ravaged African countries from entering the United States.
Rep. Broun says his endorsement of the Stop Ebola Petition, our Conservative Action Fund campaign to halt West African travel is based on his medical expertise as a general practice physician. 
“As a doctor, I know what a terrible and deadly disease Ebola is, and I know that if we do not stop Ebola today, we will be in a much worse situation very soon,” Broun said in an email statement to supporters.
“Ebola travels fast–this petition has to travel faster,” the Congressman added. “We need to put an end to this deadly disease, and that starts by cutting off the flights from Ebola-ridden African countries.”
Our petition webpage, urges supporters to sign the petition to STOP and END all commercial flights from Ebola-stricken countries and immediately secure our borders. To do anything less would endanger our country and leave Americans vulnerable to a national Ebola epidemic.
We urge all Americans to join this effort because citizen advocacy works. Our nation needs as many voices behind this Ebola travel ban as possible to force the hands of reluctant legislators.
In his email statement, Broun called on House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) to “reconvene Congress immediately for an emergency session so that we can work to address the threat (from Ebola). This means putting in place a travel ban from regions affected by Ebola–namely, Liberia, Guinea, and Sierra Leone as well as no longer issuing temporary visas for individuals from these countries….Air travel is what brought this virus to the United States, and in order to contain it, we must prevent it from entering our country further.”
Broun joins a growing list of lawmakers, some of whom are Democrats, who are urging Obama to put a temporary ban on travel from countries such as Liberia, Sierra Leone, Guinea, and other West African countries besieged by the deadly virus.
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