Wendy Davis Surrogate Mocks Paraplegic Greg Abbott: 'He Just Rolls Around'

Wendy Davis Surrogate Mocks Paraplegic Greg Abbott: 'He Just Rolls Around'

While giving a stump speech in Pflugerville, Texas, on behalf of Democrat gubernatorial candidate Wendy Davis, State Representative Dawna Dukes (D-TX)  mocked Davis’s Republican opponent Greg Abbott, a wheelchair-bound paraplegic since age 26, as someone who “just rolls around.”

“And then we have this guy [Greg Abbott} who just kinda rolls around thinking that he can get tort reform for himself but take it away from everybody else in the state of Texas.”

Duke is referring to an ad released by the Davis campaign earlier this month that backfired on the abortion extremist in a spectacular way for its use of the ominous visual of an empty wheelchair. The ad claimed that Abbott is hypocritical on the issue of tort reform.

Washington Examiner:

A falling limb struck Abbott during a storm when he was 26 years old, paralyzing him from the waist down. He later sued and won millions in a settlement for lost wages — an outcome that Democrats now say is hypocritical, considering his subsequent support for tort reform and for caps on certain kinds of payouts in lawsuits.

The Republican gubernatorial candidate, for his part, has responded by noting that he only sought payment for lost wages — which are not capped — and that he did not seek punitive damages in his lawsuit.

After the wheelchair ad backfired on the flailing Democrat (who’s down by double digits), Davis claimed Abbott opposes interracial marriage. Abbott has been in an interracial marriage for decades.

Wendy Davis is an example of the disaster that occurs when the elite media chooses who will be America’s political superstars. Another example of course is Barack Obama.

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