Police ID Michael Brown's Mother as Alleged Robbery Attacker

Police ID Michael Brown's Mother as Alleged Robbery Attacker

The Smoking Gun website posted a police report describing a brawl among members of Michael Brown’s family regarding the sale of commemorative t-shirts. 

Mike Brown was shot and killed by Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson back in August, sparking violent confrontations between protesters and law enforcement. A grand jury has yet to decide if Wilson will be indicted on any charges.

The late teen’s mother, Lesley McSpadden, is said to have been one of the “attackers” who physically assaulted and robbed merchandise from a tent in a parking lot in Ferguson, Missouri. 

Additionally, according to TSG, when the document was requested by the outlet two weeks ago, city attorney Stephanie Karr said that Brown’s mother, McSpadden, had “specifically requested that the report be withheld from the media.”

Karr added, “Knowing this, do you still want a copy of the report?”

According to the report, on October 18, the Ferguson Police Department report details the incident between McSpadden and other family members that took place on W. Florissant Avenue, a well-known strip of road where Ferguson protesters gather often. 

The report says that Pearlie Gordon, 54, and two men were selling “Justice for Mike Brown” shirts on a Saturday when “a large group of about 20-30 subjects ‘jumped out of vehicles and rushed them.’” Gordon is the mother-in-law of Michael Brown Sr., McSpadden’s ex-husband.

Gordon told law enforcement that McSpadden, 34, told her, “You can’t sell this shit.” Gordon then replied, according to the report, that “unless McSpadden could produce documentation saying that she had a patent on her son’s name she (Gordon) was going to continue to sell her merchandise.”

At that point, McSpadden’s mother, Desureia Harris, began tearing down t-shirts that were hanging on a line, Gordon told officers. Then, Gordon explained, other members of the group started “tearing her booth apart.” As the rush ensued, Gordon said she was repeatedly hit in the head and knocked on the ground.

Gordon claims she heard McSpadden “yell to an unknown subject, ‘That’s Calvina’s mom, get her ass.” According to TSG, [Calvina is the first name of Michael Brown Sr.’s wife.] “McSpadden then ran up and punched Gordon,” the report said.

Additionally, the report states that Gordon’s male associates were also beaten—allegedly with a pipe–during the clash. Over $1500 in goods and $400 in cash “was stolen by unknown subjects” who left the scene before police arrived, the report says.

Law enforcement classified the incident as a felony armed robbery, and it is still under active investigation, Karr told TSG. As of now, no charges have been filed until the investigation is concluded.


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