St. Louis Police: Automatic Rounds Fired in Ferguson

St. Louis Police: Automatic Rounds Fired in Ferguson

FERGUSON, Missouri–Gunfire was first heard by Breitbart News and other media outlets at around 10 PM CST in front of the Ferguson Police Department where angry protesters gathered after news was disclosed that Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson would not be indicted by a grand jury. Reporters, producers, law enforcement, and protesters took cover behind barriers when the round went off.

Later a rapid succession of fire was heard and an eyewitness reported that AK47’s were being brandished in the crowd. Additionally, the St. Louis Police Department tweeted at 10:59PM CST:

MSNBC was chased off the air as a result of the gunfire while CNN and other news crews, including Fox News became swept up in the tear gas that was launched at protesters.


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