The St. Louis Death No One Cares About

The St. Louis Death No One Cares About

On November 30, Breitbart News reported the beating death of a 32-year-old white man named Zemir Begic — killed when black and Hispanic four teens allegedly jumped him and beat him to death with hammers. 

As with the death of the white Waynesboro, Virginia, policeman Captain Kevin Quick, allegedly shot and killed by black gang members, the mainstream media has largely turned a blind eye to Begic’s violent death at the hands of hammer-wielding blacks and Hispanics, and has instead become a conduit for the voices of those outraged over the death of the black Michael Brown, who was shot and killed after attacking a police officer.

According to Fox News, Begic was killed in Bevo Mill, just 20 miles from Ferguson. That’s just 20 miles from where buildings are being burned to ground, race-baiters are marching, and violence is threatened against innocent lives because of Brown’s death. And while the DOJ searches high and low for a way to charge Officer Darren Wilson for the death of Brown — although a grand jury already refused to file charges — St. Louis officials are adamant that Begic’s death at the hands of blacks and Latinos was not racially motivated in the slightest.

In other words, Bevo and Ferguson are 20 miles away from each other but worlds apart.

Meanwhile, one of Begic’s attackers, 17-year-old Robert Joseph Mitchell, has been charged as an adult in the alleged murder. Two of the other attackers, one of whom is 15 and the other 16, have been charged as well. The fourth suspect has yet to be apprehended.  

Yet it appears the mainstream media doesn’t have the time or the resources to focus on the apprehension of the fourth suspect in the attack on Begic. They are too busy talking about the death that matters: the death of a black man who tried to wrestle a gun from a police officer in a patrol car and was then shot and killed while charging at the officer after he exited the car.

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