Obama Blames Conservative Talk Shows For American Anger Over Executive Amnesty

Obama Blames Conservative Talk Shows For American Anger Over Executive Amnesty

President Obama is not pleased with conservative talk show hosts, including Rush Limbaugh and Laura Ingraham, who oppose his executive actions on immigration reform. During a town hall event in Nashville to discuss immigration reform, Obama admitted that there are many Americans were angry about his actions.

“Obviously I’ve been at the receiving end of people really angry at me about not just these executive actions, but have been ginned up by some of the conservative talk shows that think that I’m usurping my authority despite the fact that every previous President has exercised the same authority or they think I’m favoring immigrants over red-blooded Americans,” he said. “And so that’s a lot of the criticism directed at me.”

Obama admitted that there were “good people who actually believe in immigration” but were “concerned about rewarding somebody who broke American laws.” He also reminded the audience that there were people who were worried about new immigrants depressing low-wage sectors of the economy.

“I think the facts are on our side,” he said. “I think the studies have shown that over time immigrants aren’t lowering wages but in fact improving the economy, and over time, boosting wages and jobs for everyone.”

He reminded the crowd about the importance of civility when discussing heated issues such as immigration.

“Those are legitimate questions, and we have to be just as civil in addressing those questions as we expect people to be when we are talking to them,” he said, adding, “I would rather just make the argument on the facts, but just because somebody thinks that instinctually doesn’t mean that they are bad people.”


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