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Real Moms Demand Guns for Christmas

AP/Scottsdale Gun Club, Gordon Murray
AP/Scottsdale Gun Club, Gordon Murray

On Christmas Day 2014 more moms than ever will receive revolvers, semi-automatic handguns, and even rifles built on the AR-15 platform.

And this isn’t just from husbands or boyfriends trying to rope them into a new hobby; the women are asking for them.

On December 23 The Washington Post ran a story about the growing trend in firearms for women—not firearms for hunting, per se, but for personal protection.

They demonstrate the trend by describing Terri Gallagher’s experience. She lives in Northern Virginia where her husband first gave her a Ruger 10/22 .22 rifle. After she fell in love with shooting it, her husband bought a larger caliber rifle–an AR-15 (which is great for plinking, for long range target shooting, and for responding to home invaders).

WaPo cites specific examples of husbands and boyfriends buying handguns for the women their lives this Christmas. These are guns women who make up the expanding number of female concealed carry permit holders can use to defend themselves and their families.

On August 24 Breitbart News reported that a record number of real moms are demanding guns. Based off a National Shooting Sports Foundation report, we pointed to a “79 percent… increase in female [gun store] customers” for 2011 and 2012. This report also showed that over 1 out of 5 concealed carry permit holders in Florida and Washington State were female and nearly one out of three were female in Tennessee.

Even CBS News reported the number of women target shooting over the last decade rose by “70 percent.”

This Christmas Day, as husbands think of that special gift for mom, it may be time to walk past the shoe and lingerie section and head over to the gun store–where a Smith & Wesson Bodyguard, a Springfield XDS, a Glock 42, or a Charter Arms .38 Undercover in pink is waiting to be wrapped.

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