Godspeed to the 25 Who Refused to Vote for Obama’s Enabler

AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais
AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais
It’s official. John Boehner is still the king, and those who dared rebel against the king have been put down.
25 Patriots stood against the king–well, 24 plus one U.S. Representative who merely voted “present”–and for their courage, they will all be punished by the GOP leader with a ferocity reserved for purging one’s own.
What most Republicans don’t understand is why Speaker Boehner doesn’t direct that same fury at Obama for forcing his policies on Americans even though we have made it clear that he does not have our consent.
Obama’s executive orders have increased, not decreased, since the 2014 midterm elections.  By overriding Congress, Obama has shown nothing but contempt for the will of the people–executive amnesty, unilateral action on Cuba and ObamaCare–but John Boehner shows Obama the respect that should be reserved for the Patriots who opposed him and “we the people,” whom they represent.
Perhaps most shocking is the absence of a single California Congressman on that list of 25.  After all, Obama’s executive amnesty will affect California more than any other state, and California is reeling from the impact of decades of unchecked illegal immigration encouraged by a legislature controlled by Marxist progressives.
Not only can illegal aliens now obtain driver’s licenses in California, but because we have so many illegals who have chosen to make California their home, we have “separate but supposedly equal” Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) offices set up to handle “illegals only.”
If Obama thinks he can easily process the estimated 5 million who qualify for for his executive amnesty, he ought to visit one of these “illegals only” DMV’s, where 90% reportedly failed to pass the written test at first.  If you cannot pass the written test, that does not bode well for you being a “safe driver” out on the road–but then again this was always about politics for the Democrats, not public safety.
So, back to my question:  Where are the California Representatives who will stand up for Californians against a man like Boehner, who only cares about currying favor for himself, everyone else be damned?
One reliable conservative, Tom McClintock, put out a statement yesterday defending his vote.  The only problem with his rather defensive statement is that it’s all about insider baseball, not the concerns of the voters, who put him back in power to combat Obama’s agenda.
By decrying that the process should have taken place in the Republican caucus back in November, McClintock ignores the fact that public opinion takes time to build. It wasn’t apparent that Boehner was going to enable Obama to the extent he did until he helped Obama push the “Cromnibus” through, funding Obama’s agenda without a fight, and outraging conservatives across the country.  That was mid-December, long after the internal procedural moment had passed.
Yesterday’s vote was about heeding the unmitigated anger of Republicans all over the country who worked hard to elect conservatives, only to have the GOP leadership ignore them–and, worse, enable rather than oppose Obama.  The fact that Congressmen Darrel Issa, Ed Royce, Dana Rohrbacker, all men you could rely on to do the right thing, didn’t, is deeply troubling.  Maybe they’ve been in office too long, and have forgotten that they serve at our consent, not the Speaker’s.  They’ll have to answer to their constituents for their vote.
The popular anger against Obama that propelled Republicans back into power is, in part, what fueled the uprising against Boehner.  As the leader of the party that just won an overwhelming victory in the election, Speaker Boehner acts like we lost.  He has been enabling Obama to achieve his policy objectives instead of fighting their implementation using the power of the purse to deny funding.
Why Boehner is kissing up to the man whose policies are vehemently opposed by a massive majority of Americans, is anybody’s guess. But one thing is clear: if Boehner doesn’t take a stand against Obama’s amnesty, and work to repeal ObamaCare, then the American people are the ones who will lose.
Obama has already indicated that he will veto the Keystone Pipeline–sentencing America to even more dependence on foreign oil. The question is, what will Boehner do?
Will he fight like the small band of patriots who opposed him and put everything on the line–including overriding the veto–for the American people? Or will he simply enable the Dictator-in-Chief in his quest to fundamentally transform our country from a constitutional republic into an oligarchy ruled by a handful of elitists?
If his efforts on the campaign trail in California are any indication, we’re in serious trouble.
Instead of helping a conservative candidate fighting to retain Gary Miller’s seat in the hands of a Republican, Boehner flew right over an event where Hilary Clinton and VP Joe Biden were raising money and winning votes for the Democrat in the race.
Where was he headed in such a hurry? San Diego, where he worked feverishly to raise money for a deeply flawed GOP establishment candidate whose campaign was in a death spiral due to serious allegations of sexual harassment from multiple former staffers. Boehner was in such a hurry to help elect a moderate Republican–apparently because that candidate is gay–that he forgot that it’s principles that unite us.
He shunned the California conservative candidates, who with a little help, could have won. In the end, everyone lost. The moderate San Diego candidate lost, and so did all the conservatives waging tremendous campaigns on their own all over the state.  Gary Miller’s seat was lost by a margin so small that a little help from some big name national figures like Boehner could have changed the outcome. But most importantly, the people of California lost the opportunity to be represented by someone who reflects their values.
Let’s hope that the tiny band of patriots inside the people’s house will continue the fight to hold this Republican leader to account, or find a way to get him out of the way of the real battle to preserve this Republic.
After all, a true leader doesn’t punish those who challenge him–if Abraham Lincoln is any example. Instead, he brings his rivals into leadership, harnessing their courage for the good of the team, not banishing them to the wilderness.
Godspeed to the 25 who refused to enable Obama in his destruction by voting for Boehner for Speaker. God save the Republic!