Michigan Governor Bucks NRA, Stands with Gabby Giffords

AP Photo/Al Goldis
AP Photo/Al Goldis

On January 15—just over two months after winning a gubernatorial re-election with the NRA’s endorsement—Michigan Governor Rick Snyder (R) bucked the NRA and stood with Gabby Giffords in opposing a bill which would have “revised” his state’s concealed carry law.

The bill at hand—SB 789—was intended to correct discrepancies in the state’s concealed carry law, but it drew the ire of anti-gun groups because it did not lump people who had been the subject of a “temporary personal protective order” together with persons banned from gun possession. The bill recognized that, in instances of temporary orders, the right to keep and bear arms remained unless the judge in the case ruled otherwise.

According to the Huffington Post, Gabby Giffords sent Snyder a letter this week asking him to veto the legislation. Painting with the broad brush of domestic violence terminology, Giffords wrote: “Domestic violence and access to firearms are a lethal combination, and this policy undermines the safety of American women.”

The NRA intervened, explaining that SB 789 does not give concealed carry permits to a person who is a “domestic-abuser or has been charged or convicted as such.” They made clear that “numerous media outlets and anti-gun organizations” were making a “false assertion.”

But Governor Snyder bucked the NRA and stood with Giffords.

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