Obama Scolds Critics In State of the Union Speech: ‘The Cynics Are Wrong’

AP Photo/Larry Downing, Poo
AP Photo/Larry Downing, Poo

President Obama acknowledged his critics during his State of the Union address this evening. But he says he believes in his vision of hope and change.

“Over the past six years, the pundits have pointed out more than once that my presidency hasn’t delivered on this vision,” he said. “How ironic, they say, that our politics seems more divided than ever.”

Obama acknowledged that he had many flaws but said that wasn’t proof that he was wrong in hoping for a better future.

“It’s held up as proof not just of my own flaws — of which there are many — but also as proof that the vision itself is misguided, and naïve, and that there are too many people in this town who actually benefit from partisanship and gridlock for us to ever do anything about it,” he explained.

“I know how tempting such cynicism may be,” he said. “But I still think the cynics are wrong.”


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