Pro-Life Leader: Supporting Gun Control Part of Being Pro-Life

AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais
AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais

In a preamble to January 22’s Forty-First annual March for Life in Washington DC, pro-life leader and National Clergy Council president Reverend Rob Schenck stressed that supporting gun control is part of being pro-life.

According to USA Today, Schenck said:

It’s time for the pro-life movement and lovers of life everywhere to expand our vision of the sanctity of human life. It’s past time to defend the full spectrum of life, from the tiny unnamed pre-born in the womb, to an oversized Michael Brown, to a New York cop doing his duty, to any young black male who strays into the path of an armed vigilante with a concealed carry permit.

He said, “the presence of a gun in the homes of women and children suffering the scourge of domestic violence makes it five times more likely that the woman will be killed.”

Schenck said, “The pro-life movement must bring its voice of conscience into the conversation and debate over the ominous proliferation of guns–licensed and unlicensed–in our society.”

He said the pro-life movement has been very vocal on abortion but far too quiet on gun control. Schenck says that needs to change.

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