Sarah Palin: Break Up ‘Boomtown’ by Scattering Gov’t Agencies Across Nation

Associated Press
Associated Press

Establishment Republicans and writers who have always been jealous of former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin’s influence and think regular Americans speak the mind-numbing and inside-the-beltway jargon of Congressional staffers who make up the bipartisan permanent political class again downplayed Palin’s (what else is new?) Saturday address at the Iowa Freedom Summit.

But Palin may have put forth the weekend’s most significant and substantive idea about how to reduce the bipartisan crony capitalism that has plagued both parties and made Americans disgusted with a Washington that they think extracts wealth from them. This will only be one of the most important issues to voters in 2016.

At the Freedom Summit, Palin called for the shuddering out of the “overreaching” and “out-of-touch bureaucracy and move what’s remaining across the country to the people.”

“If there is to be a department of energy, put it where the energy is created,” she said. “Pack up the U-Haul… what better place [for the] Department of Agriculture than in Ag country so they see how their policies affect the farmers and the ranchers who feed the country.”

She said “things must change” because the government “isn’t too big to fail,” it is “too big to succeed.”

“Why don’t we decentralize the federal government?” Palin said, noting that she brought the issue up years ago when she took on crony capitalism and the bipartisan permanent political class that benefits from it.

It is worth noting that only after Palin’s landmark Indianola, Iowa speech in 2011 did other politicians develop the cajones to speak against crony capitalism and the so-called permanent political class, whose members coincidentally continue to have nothing but vitriol for the politician who has most viciously called them out on their shenanigans and threatens their gravy train and racket.

Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, D.C. again have the highest rates of millionaires–and much of that dynamic is due to the expanding federal government, which accelerated in earnest under President George W. Bush’s administration and was one of the reasons the Tea Party movement formed. Breitbart News Executive Chairman Stephen K. Bannon and Government Accountability Institute President Peter Schweizer connected the dots and documented Washington’s excesses in their Boomtown special on Fox News, which resonated with Americans frustrated that their elected officials were not listening to or fighting for them.

Politicians have spoke endlessly about breaking up big banks in recent years, but Palin is crusading to break up Washington.

There were a lot of platitudes and red meat at the Freedom Summit, but Palin put forth a significant idea to reduce cronyism and making government get closer to the people.

Establishment Republican writers, pundits, and hacks simply were not listening.

What else is new for a group that has never listened to the concerns of conservatives and working-class Americans on Main Street?