Mark Kelly: Video by Open Carry Proponent Is ‘Disgusting’

AP Photo/Tom Uhlman
AP Photo/Tom Uhlman

Gun control proponent Mark Kelly—husband of Gabby Giffords—described a recent video by Open Carry Tarrant County’s Kory Watkins as “disgusting.”

The video is one Watkins posted to Facebook, then quickly pulled down—a video in which Watkins told viewers that lawmakers opposed to open carry had forgotten that “going against the constitution is treason. And, my friend, that is punishable by death.”

According to the Houston Chronicle, Kelly responded by saying:

There is absolutely no room in our country for this kind of disgusting threat against our elected leaders. It’s an insult to responsible gun owners all around our country–Gabby and me included. No matter where you stand on an issue, no elected leader should be the target of death threats and intimidation.

Breitbart News previously reported that Open Carry Texas (OCT) has distanced themselves as far as possible from Open Carry Tarrant County’s antics.

Sadly, these antics have not only bolstered anti-open carry campaigns by Moms Demand Action Against Gun Sense in America but have now opened the door for Kelly to criticize parts of the open carry movement.

Kelly said Watkins’s video “is a sad, dangerous perversion of what it means to debate laws in our great country.”

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