Amnesty Advocate Becky Tallent Crafting Immigration Policy for Speaker Boehner

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“Everybody out there listening to this show right now needs to grab a pen and paper or make a mental note to remember this name… Everybody across America needs to know this name: Becky Tallent,” said senior political writer Matthew Boyle on Breitbart News Sunday, Sirius XM Patriot radio channel 125.

Tallent is House Speaker John Boehner’s immigration policy adviser and former chief of staff for Senator John McCain, explained Boyle. “She was instrumental in crafting the amnesty bill that Senator McCain did with Senator Ted Kennedy back in the twilight years of the Bush (George W.) administration,” he added. The bill failed in Congress, Boyle pointed out, “thanks to the efforts of Republican leaders like Senator Jeff Sessions.”

Defeating the McCain-Kennedy amnesty bill, recounted Boyle, was a tough fight, forcing Sessions and others to “fight tooth and nail” against it. “This was back before we had this surge in new media, and Sessions really fought it… this was the days before Breitbart and the Daily Caller. Drudge was out there, Fox News was out there, but other than that, there really wasn’t many places where you could got to make your case to the American people. So it was like Stalingrad. It was really difficult for these guys to fight and win. But they fought, and they beat Ted Kennedy, John McCain, and their amnesty efforts. And the person who put that amnesty bill together was Becky Tallent.”

Boyle fast-forwarded to when Tallent joined an organization called the “Bi-Partisan Policy Center.” Breitbart News Chairman Stephen K. Bannon and host of BNSunday quipped that it sounds like a “front group to me.” Boyle explained that it is “a place where all these corporatists and establishment politicians from both Republican and Democratic parties–guys like Jeb Bush, Haley Barbour, and Democratic leaders too—go and craft policy. What Tallent did was go in there and work on immigration policy.”

Tallent was “instrumental in trying to push through the senate Gang of Eight immigration bill this past Congress,” Boyle said. Moreover, she played a key role in trying to persuade the House to approve the immigration bill that was passed in the Senate.

Astonishingly, after the House refused to even consider the Gang of Eight bill after Boehner flirted with bringing it up via a conference strategy–and after Senator Marco Rubio, a Gang of Eight member, turned against the bill–Boyle pointed out that Speaker Boehner reached out to “the spearhead of the Gang of Eight Amnesty Bill,” Becky Talent, in 2013, and hired her.

Tallent has appeared on C-SPAN advocating for executive amnesty, espousing the myth that “There are jobs Americans will just not do.” The Breitbart reporter believes that Tallent represents corporate interests that want to take in hordes of illegal immigrants that will work as cheap labor. “They will take away the jobs of the truck drivers that are listening to this show right now, they will take away the jobs of the factory workers who are going to get up and go to work at five in the morning all across this county. They are going to take away every blue collar job,” said Boyle.

Moreover, Boyle asserts that Tallent’s advocacy for lax laws on H1-B visas jeopardize hi-tech jobs, as in the case reported on Saturday regarding Southern California Edison. On top of this, she is also at the center of advocating for a border bill sponsored byHouse Homeland Security Committee Chairman Michael McCaul (R-TX) which, Boyle emphasized, only mandates construction of 48 miles of double layer border fencing. Current law already requires that the federal government build 700 miles of  double layer fencing, Boyle stated.

More importantly, Boyle explained, the border bill that Tallent and McCaul are boasting is the strongest security bill in the history of the United States Congress fails woefully, because it doesn’t stop Obama from his catch-and-release policies. Rather than deporting illegal aliens  immediately, the bill allows for long, drawn out processing procedures, ultimately making the U.S. a permanent home for tens of thousands of illegal immigrants.


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