If the Holocaust Happened Today, Obama Would Deny It

AP Photo/Christian Lutz
AP Photo/Christian Lutz

President Barack Obama’s attempt to dismiss the antisemitic terror attack on a kosher supermarket in Paris last month as a “random” shooting turns out to be more than a gaffe: it is administration policy.

On Tuesday, White House spokesman Josh Earnest attempted to argue that Obama had in fact been correct about the Paris attack, because the victims of the shooting had not been selected by name.

The same day, State Department spokesperson Jen Psaki declined to say whether the attack in the supermarket had been against Jews, saying that determination was in the hands of French authorities.

The killer, in fact, told a local television station that he had chosen the supermarket as his target because he wanted to kill Jews. In the anti-terror protests that followed, Parisians carried signed saying, “Je suis juif” (I am a Jew) alongside signs reading “Je suis Charlie Hebdo,” referring to the satirical newspaper that had been targeted by murderous Islamist terrorists earlier that same week for mocking Mohammed.

Obama declined to attend that protest, despite the presence of other world leaders.

Holocaust denialists claim Jews were not murdered 70 years ago. The Obama administration denies attacks on Jews today.

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