Man Intervenes for Wheelchair-Bound Neighbor, Shoots Suspect

Raised Gun self-defense AP Photo/Seth Wenig
AP Photo/Seth Wenig

On March 3, a Little Rock, Arkansas, man witnessed two suspects allegedly breaking into the home of his neighbor, who is “elderly and wheelchair-bound.” He armed himself and intervened, shooting one of the suspects.

According to Arkansas Matters, when the armed citizen–Charles Dorsey–saw two suspects breaking into his neighbor’s home, he “asked his sister to call 911.”

He then ran over and held the suspects at gunpoint until police arrived. While he waited for officers, one of the suspects allegedly made him feel threatened, so he shot the suspect in the arm.

Throughout the incident, Dorsey was concerned that his wheelchair-bound neighbor was endangered inside the home. Dorsey said, “She’s like a sister to us. We’ve known her for 36 years or better,” adding, “I was in more fear for her than anything.”

When officers arrived, Dorsey learned his neighbor was not home after all.

One neighbor rallied behind Dorsey’s armed intervention, putting out the word for would-be criminals: “Don’t mess with us because we will get you.”

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