Marijuana pot farm (Raul Arboleda / Getty)

Suspected Illegal Alien Marijuana Farmers Held Workers Hostage: ICE

Three brothers were taken to hospitals this week after they and a fourth brother say they barely escaped death at the hands of abductors, possibly connected to Mexican cartels, who beat and forced them to work on a marijuana farm in Northern California from February to July.

Gun barrel robbery (Geoffrey Fairchild / Flickr / CC / Cropped)

Florida: Students Robbed at Gunpoint on Gun-Free Campus

Two students were robbed at gunpoint in a Florida State University (FSU) parking lot on August 16, just months after Florida Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Miguel Diaz de la Portilla (R-Miami) killed campus carry.

puppy 1379720_1280x720

Puppy Stolen at Gunpoint Reunited with Teen Owner

A three-month old pure-bread German Shepherd pup that was stolen at gunpoint from her 14-year-old owner by two men in San Leandro, California on Monday night has been found safe. Police have reunited the duo.

Raised Gun self-defense AP Photo/Seth Wenig

Man Intervenes for Wheelchair-Bound Neighbor, Shoots Suspect

On March 3, a Little Rock, Arkansas, man witnessed two suspects allegedly breaking into the home of his neighbor, who is “elderly and wheelchair-bound.” He armed himself and intervened, shooting one of the suspects.