Todd: Jeb Seems Like He’s Trying to Have It Both Ways on RFRA

NBC’s “Meet the Press” host Chuck Todd stated that Jeb Bush seemed like “he was trying to have both sides of this debate” over Indiana’s RFRA law on Friday’s “Hugh Hewitt Show.”

After hearing a clip of Jeb defending Indiana’s law as “the right thing” on Monday, Todd responded, “that’s what he told you on Monday. What do you make of what he told the Silicon Valley guys a couple of days later when he seemed to, he seemed to — he came across as sort of, he was trying to have both sides of this debate?”

Hewitt didn’t think Jeb was trying to have it both ways on the issue, saying, “you know, if I had done more follow up, I think I would have gotten the same consistent expansion of it. Most RFRA conversations are truncated by time. And I’ve been teaching it for 22 years. It’s a really hard thing to do without time. I think he’s good-natured about this.”

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