Sen. Barrasso Plans Amendments To Combat Democrat Opposition on Corker Bill

AP Photo/Vahid Salemi
AP Photo/Vahid Salemi

Senator John Barrasso (R-WY) supports Sen. Bob Corker’s bill to require congressional approval following an Iran nuclear deal before any sanctions could be lifted.

Corker, chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, will preside over a committee meeting Tuesday to hear debate and votes on the Iran Nuclear Agreement Review Act of 2015.

A spokesperson from Barrasso’s office tells Breitbart News he plans to introduce the following amendments if any Democrats attempt to weaken the legislation:

  • The amendment prohibits President Obama from “waiving, suspending, reducing, or providing relief from statutory sanctions on Iran until Congress passes, and it is enacted, a joint resolution of approval on the Iran nuclear agreement.”
  • Before any sanction relief, “the President is required to certify that any funds made available to Iran as a result of the sanction relief would not facilitate the ability of Iran to provide support of international terrorism or to develop nuclear weapons or ballistic missiles. If the President does not certify, the sanctions are immediately reinstated.”
  • Prohibition of “any federal funding from being used to implement a nuclear agreement with Iran (including at the United Nations) until a joint resolution of approval of Congress is signed into law.”
  • Creates an expedited plan for Congressional review for any approval or disapproval of the Iran nuclear deal. “It also ensures that the congressional review period for the nuclear agreement with Iran is 60 session days of each House of Congress instead of 60 calendar days. The amendment also prohibits Iranian sanction relief if the congressional review period ends without the enactment of any joint resolution.”


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