Chafee: I Haven’t Been ‘Flip-Flopping’ Like Hillary

Former Rhode Island Senator and Governor Lincoln Chafee (D) said that he has been “a lot more consistent than Senator Clinton” and referenced her “flip-flopping” on gay marriage on Thursday’s “MSNBC Live.”

Chafee began by clarifying that he is not officially running for president yet, but he “fully” expects to be in the presidential race.

He then stated “I would argue that when Democrats look at my record on all the issues, that they’re going to see that I have been very, very consistent. In fact, a lot more consistent than Senator Clinton. Just today we’re learning more about her flip-flopping on marriage equality, gay marriage, and I have been very, very consistent on issues that are important to Democrats.”

Chafee added that accusations that he has flip-flopped because he switched parties are “not going to hold, because I have not flip-flopped on the issues, and I have a 30-year record, that I welcome the voters to scrutinize how solid I am on issues, whether it’s using the tools of government to help the less fortunate, on environmental laws, clean air, clean water, on fiscal responsibility, on keeping us out of quagmires overseas, on and on. I’ve been very, very consistent. On issues the Democrats will like, I’ve been a liberal Republican in the past, and now I’m proud to be a Democrat.”

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