Entitled: Hillary Clinton Parks In Handicap Spot


Although there appears to be an open spot directly in front of her, one stop along Hillary Clinton’s road trip was in a handicapped parking spot.

While Ms. Clinton could become the second oldest president in our nation’s history and has suffered some serious health issues, there is no record of her being so infirmed she is entitled to take a parking spot legally reserved for someone who legitimately needs it.

Rules are for little people.

While America’s lapdog media chases her like groupies and pretends that ordering a burrito bowl (without leaving a tips) somehow represents her ability to relate to the common man, the facts are that her events are staged, she is lying Elizabeth Warren-style about her heritage, and now the Champion of the People is stealing parking spaces from no less than the handicapped.

Maybe it is because seven years later Hillary is “in some ways tired.”


John Nolte on Twitter @NolteNC             


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