Chase Bryant Stands With Tim McGraw, Will Play Gun Control Fundraiser

Tim McGraw website screenshot

On April 14, Breitbart News reported that country singers Tim McGraw and Billy Currington would be headlining a gun control fundraiser for Sandy Hook Promise on July 17.

That fundraiser also features country singer Chase Bryant.

Sandy Hook Promise is a gun control group that formed in the wake of the heinous attack on Sandy Hook Elementary. They support expanding background checks as a way to fight gun violence, although expanded background checks would not have prevented the very attack that led to their formation. This is because Adam Lanza stole his guns, he did not buy them.

Sandy Hook Promise also supports Oregon Senate Bill 941, a bill which seeks to expand background checks in Oregon because of the 2012 Clackamas Town Center attack. However, the dirty little secret is that expanded background checks would not have stopped that attack because the gunman there stole his weapon, just as Lanza did in Newtown.

Besides expanding background checks, the bill supported by Sandy Hook Promise also opens the door to legalized firearm confiscation by requiring judges “to determine” whether an individual ordered to receive outpatient mental care is unfit for gun possession.

On April 16 Currington withdrew his name from the concert amid outrage over a country singer raising money for a gun control group. The ticket sale announcement for the concert has now been changed to reflect that McGraw and Bryant will be playing the gun control fundraiser without Currington.

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