Bill De Blasio Quietly Trying to Outflank Hillary

Mayor Bill de Blasio
The Associated Press
New York, NY

The New York Post reports that NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio is trying to position himself to the left of Hillary Clinton, hoping that a groundswell of progressive support will lead to a “Draft de Blasio” movement.

Allegedly, de Blasio enjoys the support of the labor union-funded Working Families Party. Presumably, Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s reluctance to step up and challenge Clinton has left something of an opening for de Blasio. If nothing else, he might be able to drive Hillary to the left during a primary. Whether he can mount enough support to actually beat the popular Democrat nominee-in-waiting remains to be seen. More from the Post:

Earlier this year, the New York-based WFP urged Massachusetts Senator and Wall Street-bashing “progressive’’ favorite Elizabeth Warren to challenge Clinton and run for president — but she has repeatedly said she won’t do so.

“With Warren saying she’s not running, de Blasio and his advisers are trying to position the mayor as the ‘draft’ candidate for the left in 2016. That’s why he refused to endorse Hillary last week,’’ contended the operative, who is involved in presidential politics.

The draft effort explains why de Blasio was accompanied last week on his “progressive” speech-making trip to Iowa by John Del Cecato, one of the nation’s most important Democratic communications strategists and the man responsible for the popular “Dante” TV spot that helped get de Blasio elected mayor, said the operative.