Baltimore Sun Reporter Saved From Mob By Store Owner Armed With Shotgun

AP Photo
AP Photo/Juliet Linderman

On April 27, Baltimore Sun reporter Justin Fenton was saved from a mob of rioters by a Baltimore business owner armed with a shotgun.

According to CNN, Fenton was on the streets of Baltimore and ran toward a location where an officer was reported to be injured by the rioters. He said, “I ran down and got in the middle of everything.”

Fenton said he was “inside of the area [of] Pennsylvania Avenue and North Avenue where a lot of [things were] taking place.” He was near a “cash checking place [that] had been broken into” and he was being protected by “a group of self-identifying Crips gang members.” But he turned away from them to take a photo, at which point he was approached by “a man with a hoodie pulled tight over his face.”

Fenton says the man was holding a container of mace.

The man in the hoodie allegedly demanded Fenton’s phone and shot him “in the head” with mace.

Fenton took off running and made it to a store where he was protected by a business owner who was guarding his property with a shotgun.

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