Live Updates: Baltimore Braces for Post-Riot Curfew

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After a night of violence, arson, and disappointment on Monday, the city of Baltimore waited in uneasy silence for night to fall on Tuesday.

The massive riot after the funeral of Freddie Gray drew a nationwide dividing line between “Black Lives Matter” protesters–who believe that Gray’s death, after an arrest by Baltimore Police, proves yet again that America’s institutions are systemically racist–and supporters of law and order, who say emotional reactions to tragic deaths should not keep police officers from receiving full due process in investigations of alleged misconduct.

Moreover, the two sides have fought intensely over whether the protests have lost their moral authority after Monday night’s riots ended with 20 officers injured, 15 buildings set ablaze, and 144 vehicles destroyed. Left-wing voices such as Marc Lamont Hill and DeRay McKesson said the violence was not a “riot” but an “uprising,” and ESPN’s Michael Smith compared the destruction to the Boston Tea Party.

At 10PM eastern, the city enforced a curfew for all adults while the police and National Guard patrolled the streets. Governor Larry Hogan (R) predicted rather confidently that the violence would not rise to the same intensity tonight as it did Monday.

Whether he is proven right or wrong, Breitbart News will report on the latest developments from Baltimore. Read below for all updates:

1:52 AM EST: Watch exclusive video from Breitbart News from tonight’s events (credit Dan Fleuette):

12:21 AM EST: DOJ has begun an investigation into Freddie Gray’s death. Valerie Jarrett, not President Obama, is present at the announcement.

11:53 PM EST: Baltimore Police Commissioner is giving a press conference. Only 10 arrests were made tonight.

11:17 PM EST: Protesters defying the curfew appear to have dispersed almost entirely.

11:00 PM EST: An individual has been shot at a protest in Ferguson, Missouri in concert with Baltimore demonstrations:

A man was shot as a group of about 50 protesters took to West Florissant Avenue near Canfield Drive Tuesday night.

The man was carried to the safety of a chop suey restaurant by bystanders and a Post-Dispatch photographer at the scene.

Police who were at the scene to monitor the protest quickly took a person into custody in the shooting and recovered a gun.

10:51 PM EST: Situation de-escalating. Also, stay weird, America.

10:49 PM EST: Guardian reporter says library fire was not arson but an errant deflection of a tear gas can. Others on the ground are saying police did not use tear gas but pepper balls or smoke bombs.

10:47 PM EST: Not breaking: here’s how President Obama spent the moments leading up to the curfew:

10:42 PM EST: Lots happening between tear gas, National Guard movements, and a possible arrest.

10:37 PM EST: First instance of arson tonight.

10:35 PM EST: Far left marveling at cops’ restraint.

10:31 PM EST: Police appear to be gaining ground.

10:27 PM EST: Cops deploy tear gas.

10:26 PM EST: Smoke bombs possibly thrown by both sides.

10:24 PM EST: Situation still heating up.

10:22 PM EST: Some present are excited to start looting.

10:19 PM EST: Confrontation getting more intense.

10:17 PM EST: Police advancing.

10:15 PM EST: Protesters begin throwing objects at the police line.

10:11 PM EST: Tough crowd for Rep. Elijah Cummings.

10:09 PM EST: Almost 10 minutes in, police haven’t moved yet.

10:02 PM EST: It begins.

10:00 PM EST: Anger as the deadline looms.

9:57 PM EST: Final moments.

9:50 PM EST: Possibly the first arrest of the night. Police deployment getting stronger 10 minutes out from curfew.

9:47 PM EST: “Absurd amount” of reporters present. Makes sense–not much of an investment for DC-based outlets to send bodies.

9:44 PM EST: Local radio (WBAL) says reports coming in of rocks being thrown in the southern district. Officer possibly injured, per scanner, but radio reporter says helicopters have not lost sight of agitators from the skirmish.

9:37 PM EST: Not breaking: Michael Phelps urges Baltimore residents to be “better than this,” and the mother who went viral by smacking up her rioting son gets interviewed:

A mother who was caught on video smacking her 16-year-old son around after he threw objects at police said when they made eye contact, he knew he was in trouble.

“I’m a no-tolerant mother. Everybody that knows me, know I don’t play that,” Toya Graham, a single mother of six, told CBS News. “He said, when `I seen you,’ he said, `ma, my instinct was to run.”‘

Graham received wide praise from people on social media and even the Baltimore police commissioner, who said more parents should have taken charge of their children like Graham after the riots started.

9:28 PM EST: Crowd is already turning on reporters, and some protesters are “adamant” they won’t follow the curfew despite their disassociation with the rioters.

9:24 PM EST: Some individuals are trying to agitate the crowd and meeting resistance from other protesters.

9:22 PM EST: Businesses taking the curfew seriously–to the chagrin of reporters.

9:15 PM EST:  Public officials have gathered to encourage protesters to go home when the curfew hits and to control themselves.


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