Pace: Hillary Fundraisers ‘Uncomfortable’ For Voters Who Want Finance Reform

Associated Press White House Correspondent Julie Pace argued that Hillary Clinton’s fundraising activity would be “uncomfortable” for voters who wanted campaign finance reform on Thursday’s “Andrea Mitchell Reports” on MSNBC.

Pace, in a discussion of Hillary Clinton’s fundraising in California said, “you’re going to see Hillary Clinton going back there over and over and over again. And what we now know is that she won’t be just holding events specifically to raise money for her campaign but she’ll be able to talk to potential donors for the super PAC. And really, if you dig into what the rules are for candidates and their super PAC, there’s so much gray area here. You can’t coordinate with you super PAC, but you can appear at events. You can’t technically ask for large, unlimited donations, but everybody knows what they’re in the room to do. So, I think for voters, particularly those who want to see a candidate come in and really try to reform the campaign finance rules, this is just going to be a bit uncomfortable.”

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