Obama Tweets Old HuffPo Piece Saying NASA Budget Cut by ‘Climate Deniers’

The Associated Press

On Monday, President Obama tweeted out a week-old Huffington Post opinion editorial that claimed that NASA budget cuts were made by “climate change deniers.”

President Obama insisted that we shouldn’t “let climate change deniers” hurt the space agency.

The HuffPo opinion piece from May 6 is pointedly titled, “This Is What Happens When You Elect Climate Change Deniers.”

The op ed attacked House Committee on Science, Space and Technology Committee Chairman Lamar Smith (R-TX) for being “uninterested” in science, especially the purported science of climate change.

Smith’s rationale — what the HuffPo article called his “supposed” rationale — is that NASA’s budget should be used for space exploration and serious, not politically-motivated sciences.

“Instead of letting political ideology or climate ‘religion’ guide government policy, we should focus on good science,” Smith wrote in the Wall Street Journal on April 23. “The facts alone should determine what climate policy options the U.S. considers.”

The HuffPo piece, though, claims that without funding for climate change, NASA the agency will be “unable to discern new facts about the planet.”

But Smith is more interested in serious science, not politically-correct agendas. This is a travesty, according to HuffPo and Obama.

“The intellectual dishonesty of senior administration officials who are unwilling to admit when they are wrong is astounding,” Smith wrote. “When assessing climate change, we should focus on good science, not politically-correct science.”

This is the HuffPo opinion piece that Obama touted as “news.”

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