Scott Walker: Jeb Bush Will ‘Far Surpass Any Other Candidate’ in Financial Resources

Andy Manis/AP Photo
Andy Manis/AP Photo

Gov. Scott Walker, a likely 2016 Republican contender, said he will not be able to go toe-to-toe with former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush in terms of financial resources in a hypothetical contest between the two for the Republican nomination.

In an interview over the weekend with Wisconsin Eye, Walker said, “I think in the end he’s [Bush] going to be the front runner in terms of financial resources. I think he’s going to have a lead far surpassing any other either current or future candidate.”

Walker said he would make a decision about a bid for the GOP nomination after Wisconsin’s budget is finalized at the end of June.

“But if we were to run, we wanna be competitive,” he continued. “But my view is if you play Money Ball…you could play against the Yankees and win even with their payroll as long as you’ve got a good message and a good strategy. But you’ve just got to be in the same ballpark.”

Walker explained that early polling has already shown he is competitive with Bush.

“We really haven’t spent any money on voter contact, we’re not an announced candidate,” he said. “We’re talking about big ideas and I think people resonate with the fact they want people who are new and fresh, particularly if we’re going to run against Hillary Clinton – for Republicans we need someone new and fresh…from outside of Washington with big, bold ideas.”

Walker added that he believes people mostly want a nominee “who can do more than talk – who can deliver.”

“And they look at what we’ve done in Wisconsin and they realize that we have fought and won on battle after battle after battle for hard-working taxpayers,” he said.


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